The Midwest Gospel Work

Midwest Campus Teams

Expansion Teams

University of Michigan & University of Kentucky

At present the Midwest Gospel Work is dedicated to the building up of the campus teams in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Lexington, Kentucky.

Both of these campuses are top tier universities in their respective state. The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor has 45,295 students, and the University of Kentucky has 30,212 students.

There are 8 serving ones laboring on the University of Michigan now, and 4 on the University of Kentucky.

Team Ann Arbor

Team Lexington

Existing Teams

Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago campus team currently has eight serving full-time on the campuses and one serving on a part-time basis. The team is currently covering mainly 4 different campuses: Northwestern University, University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, and University of Chicago.

Team Chicago

Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

UIUC has a total enrollment of over 52,000 students that has a big international draw from around the globe. Due to its nationally ranked Engineering program, the university attracts many of our own young people from across the country. As of the Spring of 2021 there were 20 young people who grew up in the church life attending school there.

The full-time team in Champaign, Illinois has been serving on the campus of UIUC since 2008. The team began with two and has gradually increased over the years. Currently, there are 6 team members which consists of 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

Prayer request: Our prayer is that in these challenging times, the Lord would continue to go over the wall to gain remaining fruit who will play a key role in turning the age!

Team Champaign

Fairborn, Ohio

The fulltimers in Fairborn are laboring on Wright State University, Sinclair Community College and Cedarville University. We are enjoying the blessing of laboring on the students through the homes of the saints. The Lord has brought a number of seeking ones among us this school year. Please continue to pray for the labor among the new ones off of these campuses and the raising up of our own to labor with us in fruit bearing. Through the blending with the surrounding teams we are receiving the supply of the Body and the benefits of having such a sweet fellowship among the teams.

Team Fairborn

Columbus, Ohio

Currently the Columbus campus team has two full-time team members and two part-time. The team's field of labor is primarily the Ohio State University which has a student population of over 61,000, making it the 4th most populous campus in the United States.

Team Columbus

Cincinnati, Ohio

The team started in the Fall of 2020, and is currently made up of 5 serving ones. We mainly labor on the University of Cincinnati campus, which has 46,000 students. Covid has not stopped our labor, but rather has enhanced it! We are learning to meet students on the social platforms they are active on every day.

One particular characteristic of the UC campus is that about half the students we meet are from the Cincinnati area. Thus, every one of these students is an opportunity to warm doors in the community, and not just the college campus. Our team considered our collective experience of having gained ones off the campus and how many of their family members we gained...We could only think of two instances. It is a point of focus for us to change this.


Madison, Wisconsin

The Madison campus team began as a result of the GTCA move in the Fall of 2009. The University of Wisconsin - Madison is the flagship school in the state of Wisconsin, with a total enrollment of 45,540 in Fall 2020. While the number of full-timers had dwindled down to just 1 by 2017, the Lord has strengthened the team over the past 3 years and we currently have 6 full-time serving saints! There have not been a significant number of young people who grew up in the church life attending UW-Madison, and the team is working to slowly build up a nucleus of students who know Christ experientially and see a vision of God's economy for the church.

Team Madison

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Minneapolis campus team came out of the burden for the GTCA move in the fall of 2021. Prior to that time, a labor did exist on the University of Minnesota campus (student body of 55,000) with one or two saints serving full-time over the past few years. Currently there are 7 saints serving full-time on the campus team. Because we have very few students from the churches, our labor has been directed towards gaining new contacts, and the Lord has provided us with some solid seekers to strengthen and build up our student group.

Team Minneapolis