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Midwest Gospel Work

Your Fellowship unto the Furtherance of the Gospel

Prior to 2018, only two localities in the Midwest area had campus teams with more than two full-time workers. Brothers in this area then began to pray and to coordinate in one accord to build up more campus teams in this part of the country. With singleness of heart and in cooperation with the campus workers nationwide, we started the Midwest Gospel Work and Fund. Our goal is to spread to more localities to raise up teams of campus workers to serve the Lord and the younger generation.

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Progress to Date, 2021

Since its inception, by the end of 2020 over $500,000 has been donated to the fund, contributed by local churches as well as by many individual saints. Teams in Chicago and Champaign have continued in strength, each with seven full-time members, and Chicago has an additional four part-timers. The team in Columbus continued with six members. Madison and Fairborn also hold steadily, with five and four full-timers, respectively. Ann Arbor grew from a team of three to four at the end of February. The current GTCA move burdened us to raise up new teams in Minneapolis and Cincinnati in 2020. The Lord provided in a full way, and there is now a team of eight in Minneapolis and six in Cincinnati. So, in the course of about three years, we have grown from two to eight healthy teams.

Full-Time Campus Teams Today

Collectively, we now have 47 who are serving full-time with four serving part-time on eight campus teams. The campuses these teams serve have a total population of around 450,000 students, and we shepherd about 365 students. Currently, there are 12 trainees at FTTA that were produced from our campuses.

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Our Hope for 2021 – Spreading from Strength to Strength

We look to the Lord for even more increase in the number of teams. The team in Ann Arbor needs strengthening and increase. Additionally, we desire to raise up a new team in Lexington, KY. Among the existing teams there is always some turnover, so we pray that each team can be adequately supplied with serving ones.

Pray also for the outreach of the gospel to the students on these campuses, that the Lord as the attractive magnet would continue to capture more students for Himself and for His testimony among the churches.

Financial Review of Year Ending

Dec. 31, 2020

Beginning Balance: $187,488

Contributions: $211,991

Disbursements: $170,800

End Balance: $228,679